Born out of a passion for Street Food, Axarcaterers will bring something different to your party. Classic but original dishes inspired from the World Street Food Scene.

Forget posh food and sit down Michelin star meals, the way ahead is with the Street Food Revolution. Born from the back streets of New Delhi and Chicago, Street Food was seen as a thing for the poor or the fast food junkies but these people really know how to cook.

By putting fresh and local ingredients together and creating something special and affordable, this community of food lovers have created a scene that is social and enjoyable. All tastes are catered for and you will find original food that will definitely excite your taste buds.

From amazing Vietnamese inspired steak sandwiches in London’s Brick Lane to stuffed Yorkshire Puddings in New York Central Park, you'll find these little stalls and vans providing a taste of different flavours from all over the globe on your doorstep.

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